when one color asks the other to change

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of not being able to make your client understand a color and, above all, have you ever found it hard to show your customer the potential of your vision?

It all started in Venice, with Alessandra as a protagonist of a special event dedicated to hair, fashion, accessories, make-up and colors.

It was while working as a Hair Stylist on that unforgettable evening that Alessandra felt the need of a tool capable of demonstrating in real time to the customer the rendering of a hair color, a tool which would guide the client to visualize the shades of a color directly on their face for a safer and more aware choice.

A specific tool was needed for hairdressers to make their profession evolve through a new and personalized color consultancy that would allow them to show the client, before dyeing their hair, how the right shades enhance their beauty and uniqueness.

We have thus created the Haircromia® METHOD, an indispensable tool for color professionals.



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