It is from Color Analysis and the ever-growing search for harmony and beauty that we have created this method. We made a revolutionary and innovative tool, specifically designed for hairdressers, image consultants and academies, essential for the choice of the ideal hair coloring according to an individual’s chromatic features. Haircromia® definitely helps ladies shine!


It is the FIRST and ONLY method specifically created for an accurate and objective hair chromatic analysis


Our cards are used before coloring your client’s hair, simply by placing them close to their face, in order to frame it


Our cards will allow your clients to immediately and objectively visualize the effect of a color on their face, while enabling them to choose the shades that best enhance their chromatic features and create their own style with awareness


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Foto per corso
  • Isabella R.
    Live they are even more beutiful, solid ad resistant
    Isabella R.
  • Ida R.
    Thanks Haircromia for opening up a world!
    Ida R.
  • Susanna
    The secret to the perfect choice of hair coloring…Haircromia!
  • Cristina B.
    A very impactful effect for the choice of hair coloring
    Cristina B.
  • Antonella F.
    This morning the first consulting with the Haircromia method and my client was so enthusiastic about!
    Antonella F.
  • Stilnovo
    A perfect look makeover, with no fears or doubts
  • Eleonora P.
    We tried the cards and we do recommend them!
    Eleonora P.
  • Samuela
    it is brilliant!
  • Nilla
    very useful tool to keep in your salon, so happy to have it!
  • Valentina F.
    I enjoyed the course so much! It helped me understand a lot of things! Thank you so much!
    Valentina F.
  • Christian
    the course was highly informative and stimulating. The whatsapp gruop was a good idea for brainstorming.
  • Vanessa C.
    I have started with the first color consulting and it rocks!
    Vanessa C.
  • Maida D.
    you gave me the courage to resume studies that I left years ago
    Maida D.
  • Smile Vale
    I discovered a new world and new secrets
    Smile Vale
  • Manuela Pirola
    As an international Image Consultant, I can confirm the potential of the cards as a indispensable tool to be used with people from ethnicities!
    Manuela Pirola


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