Join our program and discover how to carry out a new and exclusive consultancy involving your clients in an exciting experience!

With the Haircromia® method you will be able to offer a bespoke, simple and effective consultancy to choose the most suitable hair color for your clientèle based on their chromatic features. style and personality.

No more small locks! It’s time to switch to the Haircromia® method and make your work even more efficient and successful!


Learn the fundamentals of Color Analysis and how to use it in order to simplify and improve your service!

It is never too late to fall in love with your job again!

We have partnered with well-known Professional Image Consultants and Color Experts from various cities in Italy. Courses are organised both in Italian and English language.

The course is divided into two parts. The first one, more theoretical, will explain the fundamentals of Color Analysis, which is essential to identify the chromatic features of an individual. You will later learn how to choose the most suitable hair coloring based on the chromatic mix (skin, hair, eyes) of your client.

The second part of the course will be a full immersion in the Haircromia® Method: you will see how it specifically works with a focus on the cards and their chromatic correspondence.

The program will also include practical exercises along with a demonstration on how to use the Haircromia® Kit by actively involving the participants.

For a better experience of the program and direct practice, all participants will be requested to purchase the Haircromia® Kit before the course.

The course is primarily adressed to all professionals within hairstyling and image consulting sector. However, please note no specific knowledge on Color Analysis is required

To offer a professional tool and method to objectively identify, on the basis of an individual’s chromatic mix (skin, hair, eyes), the shades that most enhance each one of your clients.

As a professional, you will increase your skills in order introduce, directly in your salon, an innovative and top-quality service which will increase your clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

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